Our Story

Earthy begin with a desire to combine ancient rituals, rich rare botanicals and modern science into efficacious skincare products.

We sought traditions, secrets and ingredients for years. We researched rare ingredients with centuries old usage and proven results. We mixed these ingredients and ayurvedic ways with modern techniques to create formulas that are second to none.

Our Ingredients

Earthy symbolizes - from the earth. The philosophy of Earthy Skin Essentials also stems from its name Earthy. We believe that skincare should consist of powerful ingredients that were created by nature to keep plants and herbs fresh, and their nutrients intact.

Star Ingredient

The key ingredient that powers Earthy products is Prickly Pear Seed Oil from Morocco. This highly precious prickly pear seed oil is the rarest and most expensive of all natural oils. Known as miracle oil or elixir of youth for centuries, this oil contains high concentration of vitamin E, vitamin K and linoleic acid - making it the best oil for your skin.