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Benefits of RADIANCE prickly pear seed oil

Give your skin an instant shot of radiance

Made from rare organic 100% Prickly Pear Seed Oil sourced directly from farms of Morocco. Radiance softens your skin, provides an instant glow and prevents signs of aging.

RADIANCE prickly pear seed oil

✓ Increases skin hydration
✓ Softens the appearance of fine lines
✓ Reduces under-eye dark circles
✓ Soothes the skin
✓ Provides a fresh and revitalized appearance
✓ Plumps up appearance of dull skin

Suitable for all skin types

This natural oil leaves the skin looking soft and smooth, deeply hydrated, and creates an even, brighter complexion all throughout.

✓ Rich in vitamin E
✓ Rich in amino acids 
✓ Rich in vitamin K 

How To Use

Apply 1-3 drops on clean skin as a serum in the morning and evening.

Tips for Acne prone skin: Applying this oil before using acne/anti-aging products that contain retinol can prevent dryness.

Our prickly pear seed oil is harvested and produced in Morocco. It is responsibly sourced from rural cooperatives that help local Berber women in the region.

Our extra virgin Prickly Pear Seed oil is made from the highest quality organic seeds. By using the cold-press extraction and filtration process, we preserve our oil’s delicate antioxidants and fatty acid compounds.

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